A modern way to evaluate marketing program success.

A highly successful international sports media company needed a system to manage a large ongoing marketing campaign for their magazine. When the project started, their magazine had a circulation of over 800,000 subscribers.


Develop an integrated system to track, manage, and report global campaign data.

The company needed a way to track and report on multiple marketing campaigns. They wanted a system that would manage the entering of data, storing of marketing campaign data, reporting on the success of campaigns, and the ability to track the success of the marketing campaign by several measurements.

The company required a system that was highly reliable, intuitive, and able to provide highly relevant campaign reporting. The system needed to tie into their existing website and provide the company with information from which they could evaluate marketing program success.


Leveraging innovative technology to improve marketing analytics and insights.

Intellis performed the following:
  • Consulting and business process analysis.
  • Customization of a web user for data entry.
  • FOUNDATION data collection software to enable authentication and revision control.
  • FOUNDATION Status Flow Engine to automate processes based on client project goals.
  • FOUNDATION Communication/Notification Engine to manage correspondence.
  • Interface to existing client systems.
  • Implementation of a budget analysis tools.
  • Reporting mechanisms to general reports marketing campaign.
  • Marketing campaign database to track collateral for each campaign.
  • Administrator training for knowledge transfer
  • Technical support

Solution & Benefits

Increased transparency, improved reporting accuracy, and reduced errors.

Intellis's solution enabled the sports media company to manage large-scale marketing campaigns, providing essential information on campaign success. This system allowed them to analyze and quantify their marketing campaigns for their individual value and led to a reduction in errors. The system provided valuable information on campaigns so that the company could evaluate and hone their strategy for future success.

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