The City of New York instituted a sustainability initiative to improve public housing buildings.

When NYC instituted a sustainability initiative to install low-flow shower heads and toilets in buildings and public housing apartments throughout the City, AWS Plumbing was selected to provide changeover services to replace thousands of obsolete shower heads and toilets across hundreds of sites.


Capture data and insights in a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient way while maintaining consistency across the city.

To effectively accomplish this daunting task, AWS sought Intellis for assistance in completing this large-scale project. In addition, AWS wanted to be able to capture all data and insights in a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient method.


Leveraging mobile technology to enable workers to collect information at the individual work sites.

Intellis incorporated a point-of-work handheld system that allowed AWS Plumbing to record pertinent job-related information at the various work sites. Intellis provided FOUNDATION's data collection platform loaded on mobile devices.

Intellis performed the following:
  • Developed a system to track and record labor resources
  • Scheduling and accountability for site information such as date, installer name, project start and completion, accomplished tasks, etc
  • Ensure the productivity of installers completion rates


Intellis’s system was able to track and report on the productivity of individual plumbers which allowed managers to create a productivity incentive program.

The software also allowed managers to query for information on:

  • Number of accomplished tasks
  • Number and type of installed fixtures
  • Typical project features

This allowed for more accurate data collection, allocation of resources, and higher productivity. The data collection technology was easy to deploy and use, resulting in cost and time saving for the company.

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