Intellis Modernizes Capital Planning Process for City Agency


New York City Department of Education and School Construction Authority



The New York City Department of Education (DoED) and School Construction Authority (SCA) were tasked with formulating a Five-Year Capital Plan. The plan, which regularly encompasses $14 to $16 billion in project planning, requires that assessments are performed across the entire network of the City’s 1,700 public schools. After receiving inspections, the agency determines which problems to fix, how much each project will cost, and how long they will take to implement. Prior to working with Intellis, this process was arduous, inefficient and often inaccurate.



Intellis partnered with DoED and SCA to improve the Five-Year Capital Plan by creating a ground-breaking mobile-based building condition assessment software program that was deployed on iPads. Streamlining the agency’s planning efforts with mobile-based software has led to key improvements to the accuracy and efficiency of data collection and reporting across the city’s entire network of public school building sites.

Intellis built the Online Capital Plan Development System (oCPDS) for the DoED and customised it for the agency’s specific needs. The oCPDS gathers and organizes data that is collected locally at each site using iPads and translates it into bite-size projects. The result is that the agency is able to produce accurate projections of the amount of money and length of time required to implement and complete each project.

Intellis is proud to work with the DoED and SCA to optimize and enhance the capital planning process for enhanced educational services and better facilities, thus securing safe and modern learning environments for students and teachers!


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