Intellis is an ideal fit for Asset Management and Capital Planning, providing innovative mobile data collection and analysis solutions that are designed to enable organizations’ equipment and facility control efforts.

As Asset Management and Capital Planning increasingly shifts towards a more technological, digital mindset, Intellis stands at the forefront, offering mobile applications that streamline processes and enhance existing CMMS and EAM systems.

Intellis’s mobile technology is supporting Asset Management and Capital Planning programs in:

  • IT and Data Centers
  • School Systems
  • Manufacturing Environments

We provide innovative solutions for Asset Management and have designed our products to include functionality that is imperitive to Asset Management and Capital Planning. Our mobile products enable accurate asset tracking, inventory and control. We are experienced with many types of Asset Management, including linear assets, facilities management and IT asset management.

PLC Integration

Our products feature the capability to draw and automatically upload data from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). These devices are imperative to the Asset Management process, as they constantly monitor key indicators on vital equipment. With Intellis’s mobile solutions, PLC data can be read and uploaded instantaneously. Mobile data collection and PLC integration ensure that managers are quickly made aware of issues with their equipment, oftentimes being able to prevent situations that are heading towards failure.

In environments where Downtime is not an option, PLCs provide vital information. With Intellis, organizations are getting more out of their PLCs, and acting on information more quickly.

Instantaneous Data Collection, Publication and Reporting

With real-time information transmission, organizations can store records quickly and easily, without error. Reports are created and logged instantaneously. This type of efficient data transfer cuts out repetitive paper records and eliminates delays.

Data entered on the mobile device records instantly to the backend system. The operation does not need to be completed for a record to be created. This ensures that no data is lost.

Customized Workflow

Intellis understands that, when it comes to inspecting complex assets, following proper procedures is critical. Our custom workflow engine guides users along an exacting path pre-defined by the client. Organizations can rest easy that best practices procedures are followed and standards are met.

Clients can decide exactly how a task should be performed, an inspection conducted or a piece of data collected. The software is configured to reflect proper procedures, creating a step-by-step guide to task completion, all on a mobile device.