Company History

Intellis, formerly known as Warshaw Group, was founded in 1996 to provide innovative mobile software solutions to deploy to the emerging handheld computer marketplace. Today, our solutions enable our clients to make informed investment decisions and better implement their plans. In 2017, Warshaw Group relaunched, changing our name to Intellis to symbolize the intelligent and innovative future that is so intrinsic to our work.

Intellis products and services focus on mobile data collection and transmission, with emphasis on backend integration and translating business rules into mobile work applications. Our history is firmly rooted in mobile data collection in both linear and discreet infrastructure environments, beginning with pre-GPS location mapping technology. Intellis professionals have experience with mobile technology stretching back to 1990, designing applications for the GRiDPAD, one of the earliest tablet computers. In addition, Intellis developed mobile applications for Apple’s Newton, one of the earliest hand held computers.