Company History

Formerly known as Warshaw Group, Intellis was founded in 1996. Our history is firmly rooted in cutting-edge data collection, beginning with pre-GPS location mapping technology. In fact, Intellis developed mobile applications for Apple’s Newton, one of the earliest hand held computers.

We made our name in conditions assessment for physical assets, creating the first configurable mobile platform to identify, document, rate, and collect data on deficiencies. For organizations and firms with multiple sites, regions, and requirements, that technology was - and is - integral to efficiency and accuracy.

But we didn't stop there.

Conditions are just one part of an entire facilities and operations ecosystem, an ecosystem that includes the day-to-day work of everyone from architects and engineers, to project managers, to facilities managers, to the heads of finance.

And so, built on a forward-facing, robust platform, we developed technology solutions for that ecosystem.

Our flagship FOUNDATION software provides:

  • Collection and documentation of facilities conditions assessments
  • Insight into which projects to fund and which to defer
  • Actionable plans to keep your facilities and operations in top condition
  • Gain support from key stakeholders for the capital investment you need

While VQS (Vendor Qualification System) is a globally-scalable, integrated, cloud-based platform that helps clients ensure compliance, perform due diligence, and model vendor selection risk - even when managing hundreds or thousands of vendors and subcontractors across projects and regions.